December 8, 2023

Treating a mouse mannequin of a number of sclerosis with the being pregnant hormone estriol reversed the breakdown of myelin within the mind’s cortex, a key area affected in a number of sclerosis, in keeping with a brand new UCLA Well being research.

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In a number of sclerosis, irritation spurs the immune system to strip away the protecting myelin coating round nerve fibers within the mind’s cortex, hampering electrical indicators despatched and acquired by the mind. Atrophy of the cortex in MS sufferers is related to everlasting worsening of incapacity, similar to cognitive decline, visible impairment, weak spot and sensory loss.

No presently accessible therapies for MS can restore harm to myelin. As a substitute, these therapies goal irritation to cut back symptom flare-ups and new nerve tissue scarring. Earlier UCLA-led analysis discovered that estriol, a kind of estrogen hormone produced in being pregnant, diminished mind atrophy and improved cognitive operate in MS sufferers.


Within the new research, researchers handled a mouse mannequin of MS with estriol and located that it prevented mind atrophy and induced remyelination within the cortex, indicating that the remedy can restore harm brought on by MS, relatively than simply gradual the destruction of myelin.


That is the primary research to establish a remedy that would restore myelin within the cortex, undoing a number of the harm brought on by MS.

Allan MacKenzie-Graham, an affiliate professor of neurology, is the research’s corresponding writer. Different authors embody Cassandra Meyer, Andrew Smith, Aitana A. Padilla-Requerey, Vista Farkhondeh, Noriko Itoh, Yuichiro Itoh, Josephine Gao, Patrick Herbig, Quynhanh Nguyen, Katelyn Ngo, Mandavi Oberoi, Prabha Siddarth and Rhonda R. Voskuhl, all of UCLA.


Journal reference:

Meyer, C. E., et al. (2023). Neuroprotection in cerebral cortex induced by the being pregnant hormone estriol. Laboratory Investigation.