December 6, 2023

Right this moment’s article is a enjoyable exploration of Myers-Briggs® and the way (I believe) the 16 persona sorts would present up in the event that they had been flowers. I’ve a number of electronic mail subscribers who’re florists and gave me this concept, so thanks to them for sparking this enjoyable idea!

I’ve to confess that in the first place I had no concept how I’d select a flower for every kind, however as I researched the historical past and which means of varied flowers I discovered an abundance of knowledge I didn’t count on. Floral symbols are scattered all through poetry and songs, and over the centuries they’ve develop into a serious a part of myths, legends, and even spiritual symbolism. By the early nineteenth century the “Language of Flora” was an elegantly refined system, particularly in America and the UK, the place books itemizing flower meanings and illustrating them with verse had been ongoing bestsellers.

There’s a language, little recognized,
Lovers declare it as their very own.
Its symbols smile upon the land,
Wrought by nature’s wondrous hand;
And of their silent magnificence converse,
Of life and pleasure, to those that search
For Love Divine and sunny hours
Within the language of the flowers.
–The Language of Flowers, Margaret Pickston, 1875

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Right here’s the Flower You’d Be, Based mostly On Your Myers-Briggs® Persona Kind

INFJ – The Evening-Blooming Cereus

The flower that best represents the INFJ is the Night-Blooming Cereus. #INFJ #MBTI

As one of many rarest persona sorts on the planet, INFJs should be represented by an equally uncommon flower! The Evening-Blooming Cereus, nicknamed ‘Queen of the Evening’, blooms solely as soon as per 12 months. Individuals journey from everywhere in the world to witness this actually breathtaking sight. Identical to the Evening-Blooming Cereus, INFJs are enigmatic and mysterious. They are typically considerate and introspective, spending a lot time alone. It’s solely after they really feel snug in their very own pores and skin that they emerge with perception and empathy that may’t assist however captivate these round them! Then they are going to retreat again into their shells, recharging and getting ready to bloom as soon as extra.

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INTJ – Rue

Rue is the best flower to represent the INTJ personality type. #INTJ

In accordance with The Language of Flowers, Rue symbolizes clear imaginative and prescient and contemporary begins. This flowering herb can be recognized for its hardiness and its efficient use in medicinal treatments. The Greeks regarded this herb as a treatment to magic, and within the Center Ages it was thought-about a robust protection in opposition to witches and evil spells. Why did I choose this flower for INTJs? As a result of as Introverted Intuitives, INTJs fixate on growing a imaginative and prescient and foreseeing patterns and potentialities. Simply as Rue was thought-about safety from undesirable spells, INTJs dislike being influenced or manipulated by anybody. Plus the hardiness and effectiveness of Rue resembles the efficient, visionary nature of the INTJ kind.

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ENFJ – Angelica

The flower for ENFJ is Angelica. #ENFJ

Angelica flowers are an indication of inspiration and hope. The phrase angélica comes from Center Latin, however is rooted in Greek which means ‘messenger’ or ‘angel.’ These lovely blooms are famously related to the Archangels that brings love, authority, and steadiness in instances of disaster. I picked this flower for ENFJs as a result of they’ve a drive to encourage individuals and convey them a imaginative and prescient of a greater, extra hopeful future. And as intuitives, ENFJs are sometimes messengers of a brighter future and infrequently deliver management and concord throughout moments of chaos and battle.

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ENTJ – Blue Star

The flower for the ENTJ is the Blue Star. #ENTJ

Blue Stars symbolize dedication, endurance, and energy. These stars have a singular hue that adjustments from blue to purple relying on the sunshine. I selected this flower for ENTJs as a result of their robust dedication and focus are what helps them to attain success in life. Decisive and strong-willed, they try to deliver their desires to fruition it doesn’t matter what challenges they face. Plus, the altering coloration of the petals displays their capacity to adapt and thrive in any surroundings.

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INFP – Lotus

The flower for the INFP personality type is the Lotus. #INFP

Lotus blooms characterize enlightenment, renewal, and rebirth. I selected this flower for INFPs due to their unwavering dedication to their values and their capacity to think about new beginnings. Even in moments of despair, INFPs have the capability to visualise lovely potentialities for the long run. They’re typically seen as dreamers and poets, staying true to their beliefs even when the world appears increasingly more corrupt. Whereas many different sorts change primarily based on the struggles they face within the outdoors world, INFPs try to be true to themselves and unchanged by exterior influences.

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INTP – Clematis

The INTP flower is Clematis

These vibrant blooms characterize psychological magnificence and ingenuity. I selected this flower for INTPs due to their distinctive capacity to suppose outdoors the field and give you artistic options to advanced issues. When confronted with a problem, INTPs will typically strategy it from an analytical perspective and use their important pondering expertise to give you an answer that others could have ignored.

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ENFP – Fowl of Paradise

ENFP flower is Bird of Paradise. #ENFP

These vibrant and unique blooms characterize pleasure, creativity, and transformation. I selected this flower for ENFPs as a result of they try to deliver individuals collectively and encourage them. The Fowl of Paradise flower represents transformation and ENFPs like to discover new choices and adjustments. They’re additionally recognized for his or her constructive outlook on life, which is mirrored on this flower’s vibrant colours. The drive to discover new potentialities and discover artistic achievement is what make ENFPs stand out, similar to this tropical flower.

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ENTP – Hollyhock

ENTP flower is the Hollyhock

Hollyhock flowers characterize ambition, intelligence, and the passage of time. I selected this flower for ENTPs due to their sharp mind and fast wit. Individuals with this persona ype are all the time searching for methods to push boundaries and specific authentic concepts. The hollyhock displays this adventurous spirit because it pushes the bounds of nature with its distinctive colours and tall stems. Moreover, the hollyhock flower is a logo of transformation and progress, which displays ENTPs’ capacity to repeatedly reinvent themselves as they discover totally different potentialities.

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ISFJ – Violet

The flower for the ISFJ is the violet

The Violet flower symbolizes grace, faithfulness, and watchfulness. I selected this flower for ISFJs due to their loyal and caring nature. ISFJs are sometimes seen because the guardians of their communities, searching for these round them and offering sensible assist when wanted. Simply as violets symbolize watchfulness, ISFJs are dedicated to creating safety, stability, and maintaining a tally of particulars. They take their duties critically and are sometimes the primary to lend a serving to hand when somebody is in want.

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ISTJ – Iris

ISTJ flower choice is the Iris

The Iris flower symbolizes knowledge, faithfulness, and braveness. I selected this flower for ISTJs due to their sensible angle and unwavering dedication to their duties. ISTJs worth knowledge gained by way of life expertise, and their grounded outlook makes them a supply of energy when life appears chaotic. Whereas they might seem reserved and conventional, they’ve the braveness to face up for what they imagine in and can keep true to their values in any scenario.

ESFJ – Cosmos

ESFJ flower is Cosmos

The Cosmos flower symbolizes order, concord, and sweetness. I selected this flower for ESFJs due to their capacity to create steadiness in a chaotic world. They’ve an innate understanding of what individuals want in a neighborhood and have a want to deliver individuals collectively. ESFJs are recognized for his or her capacity to seek out widespread floor and foster significant relationships— qualities that the Cosmos flower exemplifies. Organized and pleasant, ESFJs deliver individuals along with their heat and down-to-earth allure.

ESTJ – Tiger Lily

The ESTJ flower is the tiger lily

The Tiger Lily represents confidence, wealth, and the Aristocracy. I selected this flower for ESTJs due to their pure management capacity. They’re recognized for his or her robust work ethic and dedication to see a process by way of to the top. ESTJs are reported to be the second-highest earners of all personalities, proper behind ENTJs. This affluence is evidenced in The Tiger Lily’s grand and majestic look. With a take-charge angle, ESTJs have what it takes to guide a group and attain new heights of success.

ISFP – Columbine

ISFP flower is columbine

This unusual flower symbolizes aspiration, decision, religion, and peace. I selected this flower for ISFPs due to their capacity to remain true to themselves regardless of what life throws at them. Though delicate on the within, ISFPs are recognized for his or her energy and braveness in tough instances—qualities that are exemplified within the Columbine flower. With a artistic spirit and an individualistic, light countenance, ISFPs are by no means afraid to take the highway much less traveled.

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ISTP – Valerian

ISTP flower is Valerian

Valerian stems from the Latin phrase valere, which suggests “to be robust.” This flower symbolizes readiness, energy, and braveness. I selected this flower for ISTPs due to their unbiased nature and resourcefulness. Individuals with this persona kind are sometimes described as daring explorers who aren’t afraid to threat all of it in an journey. With a deal with problem-solving, ISTPs use logic to make sense of their environment and be prepared for any problem that may come their approach.

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ESFP – Blazing Star

The flower for the ESFP is the blazing star

Pleasure, bliss, and happiness are the core meanings of the Blazing Star flower. I selected this flower for ESFPs due to their tendency to seek out alternative and enjoyable in every single place they go. Whereas, like all persona kind, they’ve their dangerous days, ESFPs tune into the second and see magnificence in particulars that others could overlook. It’s their spirit of journey and appreciation for the current that makes them a beacon of sunshine in any scenario.

ESTP – Nasturtium

The flower for ESTP is Nasturtium

The Nasturtium flower is a logo of victory, conquest, and zest for all times. I selected this flower for ESTPs due to their ardour, enthusiasm and drive to succeed. They’re pure risk-takers who bounce on the alternative to tackle new challenges and discover the world round them. With a aggressive edge, they’re all the time able to tackle a brand new undertaking and push themselves to the restrict. ESTPs strategy life with a way of journey, and the Nasturtium flower is the proper illustration of that.

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