September 29, 2023

The reply will depend on plenty of components. These embody: (i) are there interactions between the entity and the atmosphere, (ii) does the mannequin have a time element, (iii) is the mannequin a cohort or particular person degree mannequin, (iv) is the mannequin steady or discrete states, and (v) is it Markovian or not. The Brennan taxonomy of mannequin constructions helps present an summary of which mannequin kind to select based mostly on these concerns.

The desk above is from Breeze et al. (2023), however tailored from Brennan et al. 2006 and Briggs et al. 2016.

To supply some examples of what Breeze et al. (2023) phrases advanced programs fashions:

Computable Normal Equilibrium (CGE) fashions have been used to mannequin selections which have cross sector impacts that affect the symptoms of the nationwide financial system. Partial differential equation fashions can be utilized to explain the dynamics of infectious illness transmission. Each CGE and Partial differential equation fashions have key similarities to system dynamics and describe aggregated populations. In infectious illness modeling, the time period individual-based mannequin is commonly used for ABMs [agent-based models]. IBMs have lengthy been used to incorporate spatial and social inhabitants construction related to transmission and have been generally utilized in modeling COVID-19 and impacting coverage choices. IBMs enable simple inclusion of behavioral change to venture its results on transmission dynamics